Car thieves arrested after choosing the wrong motorway exit

No one was hurt in the chase. Photo credit: File

Two Auckland teenagers have been arrested after the stolen car they were travelling in took the wrong motorway exit, driving right across road spikes laid by the police.

The 18-year-olds were spotted on Symonds St in the CBS just before 10:30pm on Friday night. Police chased them onto the motorway, but abandoned the pursuit shortly afterwards.

Unaware police had laid spikes on the road just after the Ellerslie-Panmure off-ramp, the driver took that exit, damaging the car's tyres.

The car was soon found on Laud Ave, and despite the rain, a dog tracked down the suspects.

No one was hurt in the chase.

"This is a great example of proactive police work that has resulted in getting car thieves off our streets and making our community a safer place for everyone," said Insp Chris Tate.

One of the pair will appear in court on Saturday charged with failing to stop for police and unlawfully taking a motor vehicle, and the other has been bailed to appear at a later date.