Christchurch's red zone to become bee breeding ground

Bees. Photo credit: File

Christchurch's residential red zone will become the breeding ground of more than 60,000 bees.

Ten hives will be placed at a Dallington location, and Apiculture New Zealand CEO Karin Kos says it's the perfect home for bees.

"It's a great area because it has the right sort of plants," she says.

"It has fruit trees, it's got good plants that attract the bees and can feed the bees. That's positive, because it's really important the bees have enough to eat."

The hives will make use of the land until a final regeneration plan is formed. Ms Kos says it's a great community initiative.

"We're getting a lot more Kiwis interested in beekeeping as a hobby," she says.

"This is an opportunity for them to see how it works, to maybe come and observe the beehives and learn a bit as well."

Ms Kos says it's a good way for beekeepers to upskill0.

"It's really important to know what you're going when you have a hive," she says.

"You need to know about bee health, you need to be able to register them, you need to be able to feed and look after it."