Clarke Gayford has yet another close-call with shark

Clarke Gayford has yet another close-call with shark
Photo credit: Twitter / Clarke Gayford

Clarke Gayford has had yet another close call with a shark, calling out a nearby dolphin on Twitter for not helping him out.

He posted an annotated photo to the social media site, showing him warding off a "big bronze whaler" with a stick.

The self-proclaimed "First Man of New Zealand" labelled the three parties in the photo: "Dolphin", "me" and "not a dolphin".

"So it turns out that not only do dolphins not help, they actually quite like watching," he wrote.

"A childhood myth is ruined."

It is not clear where or when the photo was taken.

In March he posted a photo of himself with a whale shark, who he says "pinned [him] against a boat".

"On any other day landing a 40kg yellowfin tuna would be the day's peak," he tweeted.

"But getting accidently rolled and pinned against a boat today by an overly amorous whale shark mic-drops that."