Clarke Gayford possibly reveals sex of Prime Minister's baby during interview

  • 11/05/2018

Clarke Gayford may have accidentally revealed the sex of his baby during a sit-down interview with Radio New Zealand.

Gayford will be giving up work to look after the child full-time once his partner Jacinda Ardern - the Prime Minister - gives birth, and spoke to the broadcaster about his impending fatherhood.

But it was one quote in particular that has caused much speculation over whether he accidentally revealed the baby's sex, either referring to the baby as "it" or "her".

"The reality's there, you know that we're going to have a child and now you know I'm pretty excited to meet [it/her]," he said.

Mr Gayford and Ms Ardern know the baby's sex, but have chosen not to reveal it to the public.

The apparent slip comes after an interview with Ms Ardern on MoreFM in January, which also sounded as though she referred to the baby as a "her".

"I think we've made a mistake in knowing [the sex of the baby], because both of us are taking bets now on who's going to stuff it up," she had joked earlier in the interview.

Within the Newshub newsroom the jury is still out, but what do you think Mr Gayford said?