Deaf New Zealanders' hilarious 'sign name' for Donald Trump

He might be the most powerful man in the world, but that doesn't make Donald Trump exempt from having a hilarious 'sign name.'

Deaf people around the world have given the US President his own sign name, a kind of sign language nickname.

Sign names often mimic a defining feature of the individual and for the Donald it's his hair that has caught the attention of the deaf community.

Trump's sign name is made by placing a hand over the head and letting the fingers wave in the breeze, mimicking his at times erratic haircut.

Closer to home the deaf community have a similar sign name for deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters.

When referring to the leader of NZ First, deaf Kiwis make a waving gesture over their heads, as if slicking back the 73-year-old politician's wavy grey hair.

This week is Sign Language Week in New Zealand and people who talk with their hands are promoting the skill.

Sign names are unique to the individual, and, like a birth name, they are given not chosen.

Great care is taken to observe the person before they receive their sign name.

More often than not they're based on more than just looks, they can be assigned based on someone's personality, hobbies or mannerisms.

Usually they are a handle given amongst friends, signifying a bond of friendship and like a good friendship they are very hard to shake.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has one, however opposition leader Simon Bridges doesn't yet.

To learn more about sign names watch the above video.