Homeless advocate says Government needs an 'overall strategy' for state housing

An advocate for the homeless says the Government needs a more coherent strategy on housing.

It comes as new figures show a 26 percent increase in the number of people waiting for state housing in the past three months, leaving more than 9000 households waiting for help.

The increase is the largest in four years.

Lifewise CEO Moira Lawler told The AM Show she's feeling optimistic about the current Labour Government's performance, but she wants to see an integrated approach.

"It will take a long time for the housing to be built. No matter how fast you work that's not going to happen in weeks," she said.

"I think they need an overall strategy and they've talked about a strategy, so we're keen to see that happen because what we need is an overarching integrated approach."

Darryl Evans from Mangere Budgeting Services was also optimistic the Government is on the right track after years of little movement.

"We've seen things going in the right direction. Are we building enough houses? No. Are we doing it quick enough? No," he said.

"But at least it's been acknowledged and at least there are some processes in place to get things done." 

However for others it's a waiting game until the Budget is released on Thursday to see what will be done about the shortage.

"Ultimately we do need to just roll up our sleeves and start building some state houses.

"Clearly, what's in the Budget will indicate the Government's commitment to the bigger question," Child Poverty Action Group spokesperson Allan Johnson told Newshub.