Duncan Garner apologises to kids he bullied at school

Duncan Garner has offered a heartfelt apology to those he bullied at school as part of Pink Shirt Day

Garner was fitted out in a pink shirt on The AM Show on Friday to show his support for those who had been bullied. Co-host Amanda Gillies was also wearing pink while Mark Richardson wore blue.

During the show, Garner admitted he had bullied people in the past even and has been bullied himself.

He said he was subjected to his head being shoved down a toilet, had his eyebrows shaved off and was hit with wet knotted towels.

Even at intermediate school he was bullied and said he ended up taking three months off from school with glandular fever due to the bullying.

"I never repeated that behaviour, but I think I was a bully," he said.

"I think I gave some of it back."

He didn't elaborate what he did to bully others at school, only that it took place while he was at an all-boys school.

He's now sorry for his behaviour and wants to stamp it out whenever he sees it.

"I look at this now and it is a toxic, corrosive disease, bullying, and stamp it out, because kids are moving school as a result and it really affects their life, it gets right under the skin," he said.