Dunedin police disappointed by road safety operation

They warn the public can expect an "anytime, anywhere" approach.
They warn the public can expect an "anytime, anywhere" approach. Photo credit: Getty

Dunedin Police say they are disappointed after a road safety operation hauled in bad drivers.

On Tuesday, police set up for an hour at the intersection of Crawford and Jervois Streets, focusing on distractions and seatbelts.

"During this time there were 11 infringements issued for using a cell phone while driving and six for failing to wear seatbelts," says Road Policing Dunedin Senior Sergeant Jared Kirk.

"These results are really disappointing. There is clearly a section of the driving community where the message around seatbelts and cell phone usage is not getting through to. There is no excuse."

Snr Sgt Kirk warns the public that Dunedin Police will continue to use such tactics.

"The public can expect an 'anytime, anywhere' approach," he says.

"I would much rather stand at an intersection for an hour and observe no breaches because this to me, is a measure that people are getting the message.

"Every time you get in the car put your seatbelt on and put your cell phone away."