Exclusive: Govt to repeal three strikes law in two weeks

The three strikes law will be repealed in two weeks, Newshub can reveal - and Justice Minister will also push for sentences shorter than two years to be served as home detention. 

This comes after Newshub Nation obtained a dossier of documents that gives the biggest insight yet into radical plans to overhaul the justice system.

The Government is preparing to soften bail, sentencing and parole laws, and Newshub can reveal it's already discussing how to reassure the public in the event of a high-profile crime.

The type of crime they're referring to could include the November 2011 murder of teenager Christie Marceau by Ashkay Chand while he was on bail. 

At the time of the fatal stabbing, Chand was on bail charged with kidnapping and threatening to rape Ms Marceau just months earlier. He later pleaded guilty to those charges and received a three-year sentence.

The Government documents also highlight the extent of the prison overcrowding crisis, saying if big improvements aren't made in a year, there will be "a failure of the prison system."