Fines for strippers only way to keep them in line - former dancer

Lisa Lewis says it is quite common for strip clubs to have a fine policy.
Lisa Lewis says it is quite common for strip clubs to have a fine policy. Photo credit: File

Strippers being fined by clubs is the only way to keep them in check, a former dancer says. 

Lisa Lewis, who has worked in in strip clubs all over the world and in New Zealand, says it is quite common for clubs to have a fine policy. 

Her comments come after a strict list of demands for Calendar Girls strippers was revealed to Stuff by former employee Jessica Clifford, who is now taking legal action against the club.

Ms Lewis says she was once late for work and received a fine. She says a fine was the only way to keep girls in line, as it took away something they would truly miss.

"Otherwise all the girls would sit in the changing room doing their hair talking to their boyfriends," she explained.

Ms Clifford told Stuff she was underpaid for her dances and tips, and revealed the strict rules strippers must follow.

Strippers can face fines ranging from $50 to up to $2500 for a variety of offences, including dressing inappropriately, wearing a G-string, walking out on the job, dancing in a competition or working for a private client.

The girls are even given $500 as a reward if they dob in their colleagues, Ms Clifford says. She said dancers often worked 11-hour shifts, working between different stages and mingling with clients.

Calendar Girls management declined to comment while the case was before the Employment Relations Authority, Stuff reports.

The club's lawyer said in a letter Ms Clifford's allegations were "strongly denied and wildly out of context".

Alleged Calendar Girls fines:

$50 - missed stage spot

$100 - late showing up

$75 - inappropriate dress

$500 - intoxication 

$250 - no show to work

$500 - walk out

$50 - hanging around in the changing room for an unacceptable amount of time

$200 and 50 percent tax on tips for rudeness to patrons or management 

50 percent tax on all dancers if there are multiple club complaints

$100 - no G-string (all dancers must be completely naked for whole of second song and entire duration of tip round)

$50 - misuse of cell phone

All dancers must give a minimum of four hours' notice if they are unable to attend a shift and a medical certificate must be provided.