Giant penises drawn on Auckland road to get potholes fixed

A frustrated Auckland man is taking drastic action over the state of the road near his home.

Geoff Upson has been contacting road authorities over the massive potholes on Kahikatea Flat Rd, near Waitoki in Rodney District. But after nothing was done, he decided to do something himself.

Armed with fluorescent paint, he drew giant penises around the holes in the hope someone would fix them. Then, he filmed the result - along with a challenge to Auckland Transport.

"There's a whole lot of potholes. So what I've done is I've gone and drawn a great artist impression of a penis," he says in his video.

"Now I've seen it overseas, somebody has done the same thing. They got sick of all the potholes so they drew penises around the potholes and the council was then forced to fix the potholes because people started complaining about the penises."

His footage shows giant phallic symbols encompassing a series of giant holes in the road.

As vehicles drive past they are forced to swerve around the potholes to avoid damaging their tyres and suspension.

"Trucks pay a lot of money to be on the road," he says.

"They don't pay to have their suspension damaged by giant penises."

Since his video was posted to Facebook it has racked up over 9000 views.

"Hope Geoff doesn't get done for vandalism, the bright colours actually help road users know there's an issue and avoid damage to their car too, so really he is doing a public a favour to enhance safety isn't he," one person commented.

But Auckland Transport (AT) is unimpressed, saying it "will be painting out the offensive graffiti".

"A permanent fix will be done on this section of the road to ensure this problem stops happening," Auckland Transport media adviser James Ireland told NZME.

"Mr Upson may want to reflect on the extra cost that his actions have imposed on local ratepayers."