Jacinda Ardern meets with Hillary Clinton

  • 07/05/2018

It can be revealed that Hillary Clinton and Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern met on Monday morning. 

The former American presidential candidate is in the country to speak at an event at Spark Arena in Auckland on Monday night.

A Labour party spokesperson said Ms Clinton and Ms Ardern enjoyed an hour-long breakfast with an exchange of gifts.

Ms Clinton was last night spotted enjoying dinner in the Viaduct with NZME confirming that she had eaten at waterfront restaurant Soul Bar. 

Jacinda Ardern meets with Hillary Clinton
Photo credit: Labour Party

"She's had a tomato salad for a starter and she's just about to get a lamb rack, which they are nodding at me I need to go and run out for her," a Soul Bar spokesperson told NZME. 

Yesterday Ms Clinton made a surprise visit to the Parnell Baby Boutique where she chatted with retail assistant Kersty Ward.

"She was really nice, quite chatty," Ms Ward said. "I sort of didn't know what to say so I was sort of babbling about myself."

Ms Ward said she imagined Mrs Clinton was visiting her shop for its well-known designer brands and huge clientele.

Some have even speculated she may have made the visit to purchase a gift for Ms Ardern, who is now heavily pregnant with her first child.