Jacinda Ardern's final struggle as pregnancy nears end

Jacinda Ardern is expecting her first child with partner Clarke Gayford in just two weeks and three days.

But as the Prime Minister nears the end of her pregnancy, she faces one final battle.

Appearing on More FM on Wednesday, Ms Ardern said she still hadn't decided on her child's name.

"We've got a list, it's not getting any shorter and it has no favourites, so it's not going well," she says.

"It's one of those things where Clarke's absolutely convinced it will come to us as soon as it arrives.  I think we'll be sleep-deprived and probably angry at each other, so I don't think that's the best time to choose."

With the date approaching fast, Ms Ardern says she's already making preparations.

"My concern at the moment is what if I get caught out," she says.

"I was down in Southland yesterday and surrounded by amazing members of the farming community who I'm sure could have helped me out if I found myself in a spot of bother with the old early arrival. But I'm trying to now stay a bit closer to the hospital I'm meant to be at."

Ms Ardern told More FM she hadn't had many food cravings during her pregnancy.

"I haven't had a lot of that which I found deeply disappointing," she says.

"In the beginning I ate a lot of salt and vinegar chips. I actually thought my team would figure something was up when they came in one day and I was reading papers surrounded by packets of salt and vinegar chips."

And she's already received some memorable baby gifts from the hosts of The AM Show.

On Tuesday Ms Ardern made what could be her final appearance on the show before the birth, where all three hosts gave Ms Ardern a personalised onesie for the baby.

Amanda Gillies' read 'My Daddy's from Gizzie', a reference to Clarke Gayford's hometown, while Duncan Garner's onesie bore the phrase 'Actually you're wrong there Mummy', a joke about the Prime Minister's frequent corrections.

Mark Richardson's onesie opted for a simpler design: a pointing hand with the phrase 'But You'.

"Just so we remember the good old days," he joked.