Kiwi kids' growing dislike of school cross country revealed

Whether you loved them or hated them as a child, the annual school cross country was something you couldn't get away from.

But now statistics show its place in schools may be running out. 

Figures from Sport New Zealand show children from six to 13 years old don't enjoy cross country. 

Sport NZ Youth consultant Karen Laurie says it isn't that cross countries don't have a place in schools but it may be time for a review of how they are run.

"I'm not sure it's time to say goodbye, but it might be time for a review and reflection... is this actually a quality experience for all our young people, because when kids have fun and are actually really motivated they're more likely to continue a sport or run for their whole life."

She says it is not always about where kids come across the line, and things like involving family members or people within the community could be a way to encourage children to enjoy the event.

Watch the video above for the full interview with The Project team.