Kiwi man denied drinks and bar entry due to speech impairment

Kiwi man denied drinks and bar entry due to speech impairment
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A Kiwi man is sick of being denied entry into bars because of his speech impairment.

Twenty-nine-year-old Peter Heaney was denied a drink at a Dunedin bar on Saturday night, even though he says he was sober.

It was one of several incidents where his speech impairment, caused by the disorder dyspraxia, has caused him difficulty, he says.

"I was just ordering a drink at a bar and was refused a drink. It's happened a few times."

He says he has been denied entry into bars across the country.

"I get it, they [the bar staff] are just doing their job saving people from being too intoxicated. I can see both sides of the story.

He didn't want to "name and shame" the Dunedin bar but instead wants to raise awareness for people like him.

"There must be hundreds of people across New Zealand [with speech impairments].

"We are not dumb, we're just a bit different to everyone else."

Other aspects of his life are also hindered - ordering coffee and day to day admin over the telephone was a extremely difficult task, he said.

"It's at least five times a week that I am repeating myself and I don't mind repeating myself," he says.

"I'd prefer to talk to someone face-to-face."

Although it is very early stages, Mr Heaney is hopeful he may be able to hosts talks or workshops to raise awareness for people that live with dyspraxia.