'Loud sounds' heard from White Island as crater lake levels rise

 'Loud sounds' heard from White Island as crater lake levels rise
Photo credit: Geonet

Activity in the crater lake of White Island has captured the attention of scientists, weeks after visitors heard "loud sounds" coming from the volcano.

According to GNS Science, the noises were first heard in mid-April - and this week and are coming from vents in the main crater.

Alongside the loud sounds, water has started to accumulate in the crater, creating a lake.

"In the past few weeks, water has ponded on the floor of the active crater and started to reform a permanent lake," GNS Science said.

"Volcanic activity is confined to the gas-rich vents on the western side of the active crater."

Despite the sounds and lake reformation, the volcano is not considered to be in danger of erupting as seismic activity remains low.

"The rising lake level and drowning of some gas-steam vents has occurred in the past, and minor steam-driven activity has occurred near these vents," GNS Science said.

"The current lake level rise is likely to do the same, and the effects are likely to only be local to the vents."

GNS Science said they will continue to keep an eye on the volcano in case it becomes more active.