Loud thunderstorms wake up Taranaki

Lightning. Photo credit: Getty

Taranaki residents have had an abrupt start to the week after the region was battered by thunderstorms overnight.

Hundreds of lightning strikes and loud cracks of thunder awoke residents and caused power outages.

Stuff reports more than 2000 properties were left without power after the storm, but the majority had been turned back on by 5:30am.

Powerco says properties in Stratford are currently without power, and it is not expected to be on until 12pm.

There could be more on the way though, and residents are bracing for up to 25mm of rain on Monday morning.

"Rainfall of this intensity can cause surface and/or flash flooding, especially about low-lying areas such as streams, rivers or narrow valleys, and may also lead to slips," Civil Defence Taranaki said on Facebook.

Commenters on Facebook said they were woken by the storms over their house and many had to manage scared children and animals.

"Crazy, loud, cracking thunder and lightning ripping over our house," one person said.

"Woke kids who came downstairs rather rapidly, the cat is going nuts, and the power is out," another said.

MetService currently has a severe thunderstorm watch in effect for Taranaki. It will expire at 9am on Monday morning.