Mark Richardson's baby gift to PM references infamous clash

  • 29/05/2018

The Prime Minister has received some memorable baby gifts from the hosts of The AM Show, including a onesie immortalising a now-infamous television moment.

On Tuesday Jacinda Ardern made what could be her final appearance on the show before the birth of her first child, although she says she intends to keep working until she goes into labour.

As a parting gift, all three hosts gave Ms Ardern a personalised onesie for the baby.

Amanda Gillies' read 'My Daddy's from Gizzie', a reference to Clarke Gayford's hometown, while Duncan Garner's onesie bore the phrase 'Actually you're wrong there Mummy', a joke about the Prime Minister's frequent corrections.

Mark Richardson's onesie opted for a simpler design: a pointing hand with the phrase 'But You'.

"Just so we remember the good old days," he joked.

The image was a reference to an AM Show interview from August 2017, when Richardson asked the then-Labour leader if employers should be allowed to ask women about their plans to have children.

Ms Ardern said that it wasn't inappropriate to ask her because she'd spoken openly about it before.

"But you," she said, pointing at Richardson, "for other women, it is totally unacceptable in 2017 to say that women should have to answer that question in the workplace.

"That is unacceptable in 2017. It is the woman's decision about when they choose to have children.

"It should not predetermine whether or not they get the job."

The clash gained international attention, and the image of Ms Ardern pointing at Richardson with a stern expression was widely circulated online.

Ms Ardern announced her own pregnancy in January.

Watch The AM Show for the full video.