MediaWorks awarded Rainbow Tick for LGBTI inclusion

MediaWorks has been announced as the first television broadcaster in New Zealand to be awarded the Rainbow Tick.

The Rainbow Tick is awarded to organisations that embrace making the workplace a safe environment for everyone, regardless of sexual orientation.

Newshub presenters Samantha Hayes and Mike McRoberts say they're proud to work at such an inclusive organisation.

"At MediaWorks you can be who you want to be and know you are in a safe working environment," says Hayes.

"Through the people we've met and the stories we tell we know how important it is for everyone to live and work somewhere where they feel safe and protected," says McRoberts.

The AM Show news presenters Amanda Gillies and Aziz Al-Sa'afin say they love how inclusive and diverse the MediaWorks family is.

"We are a rainbow family. We love it, we embrace it. There is no judgement, and no one is made to feel left out," says Gillies.

"There's nothing more amazing than working with people, with a family, that help you and support you for celebrating who you are," Al-Sa'Afin says.

Three host and comedian Dai Henwood says he's proud of MediaWorks for being vocally supportive of the LGBTI community.

"It's easy in this day and age to think that we've got our stuff sorted and we're all inclusive, but it's not that way, and it needs big companies like MediaWorks to be vocal.

"I have a young boy and a young girl and I want them to grow up and just be who they are and be accepted. No one in this beautiful country of Aotearoa or this beautiful world that we have should be marginalised for who they are, what they believe, what they want to wear: just do it."

MediaWorks CEO Michael Anderson says everyone in the organisation contributes to providing exceptional service to customers and audiences.

"In order to deliver on this vision we must attract, develop and retain the very best people by creating a workplace environment that allows and encourages everyone to flourish.

"Our ability to maintain this environment also requires that our people be as diverse as the clients we serve, and the communities in which we live and work."

Further to this, following months of campaigning, The Edge Wellington have had council approval for New Zealand's first ever Rainbow pedestrian crossing to be installed.

This is due to be in place by the Pride 2018 event later this year.