New state houses should be in 'appropriate areas', not in my hood - Mark Richardson

  • 23/05/2018

The AM Show host Mark Richardson has come out storming against plans for new state housing in his area, saying it could lower his dwelling's value.

"I do subscribe to NIMBY a little bit," he told New Zealand on Wednesday in a blistering speech.

"I've worked hard all my life and I've put my nuts on the line. I've tried to optimise every opportunity, I screwed myself to the wall to get into the eastern suburbs of Auckland.

"I don't then want [Phil] Twyford coming in and going 'we'll put that, that, that, that, that, that' without at least consulting me. I have a right to have my house and have my moat and protect that."

His comments come as Housing New Zealand (HNZ) proposes building a 25-unit complex in the wealthy Auckland suburb of Epsom, leading to controversy and protests by local residents.

"We have to build houses, we have to build them somewhere," host Duncan Garner responded to Richardson. "If not in Epsom, then where?"

Richardson said Glen Innes was a more appropriate area.

"There are some great areas around my area, just over the hill in GI, there are some fantastic areas that are being developed right now which will be comfortable, warm and dry."

It's not the first time Richardson's housing plans have caused controversy.

Last week he announces a rent increase for his tenants on live TV, blaming it on the 2018 Budget.

"I know that my tenants are really worried about this Budget because the rent's about to go up. Sorry fellas," he said.

"I am serious about this. I'm not going to suffer because of this Budget. There is going to be some creative accounting on the revenue gathering side of it so that we, at home, can't do our own creative accounting to save ourselves money."