New World supermarket gets pineapple cutting machine

New Lynn supermarket New World has obtained a pineapple cutter, allowing customers to have their pineapples cut and de-cored in store.

The machine peels, de-cores and cuts each pineapple before placing the slices into a recyclable container, all within 20 seconds.

"How RAD is this?! We have a pineapple cutter. We're the first ones in the North Island to secure one of these machines. Come in and try it out for yourself. Cut & core #nocharge #biodegradablecontainers" New World New Lynn shared on Facebook on Friday. 

New World South City in Christchurch was embraced widely online after sharing a video of New Zealand's first pineapple cutting machine in February.

A video of one staff member explaining how the Christchurch machine works has been viewed more than 14 million times.