No funds for waterfront stadium in Auckland Council's budget

Anyone hoping Auckland was about to get a new waterfront stadium is out of luck.

No money has been put aside in the Council's 10-year budget. 

Despite being called the Build It Budget by Auckland Mayor Phil Goff, under the latest proposal there's not a cent for a new stadium. But there is a $26 billion spend up.

Just under half of it will be spent on trying to get people moving - finishing off the City Rail Link and new bus and ferry terminals. 

Almost half a billion - $425 million - will be spent cleaning up waterways and beaches, while $311 million will be spent on fighting Kauri dieback and controlling pests and diseases. Both will be paid for by targeted rates. 

There's also $40 million for a climate change response fund for extreme weather events. 

To pay for all of this, there will be a 2.5 percent rates rise over the next two years, and 3.5 percent thereafter. 

On top of that is the regional fuel tax which kicks in on July 1.