No reality behind Clinton, Patrick Gower says

  • 08/05/2018

Hillary Clinton is an incredible politician with an inspirational message, particularly for women, but there's something unreal about her, Newshub national correspondent Patrick Gower says.

Gower saw the former American presidential candidate speak at Spark Arena last night.

"What you also saw was what I call a machine politician, someone who actually did not make one single mistake during about 90 minutes on stage," Gower said. 

"Everything is choreographed, everything is quite manufactured and everything is very professional and slick."

Yet while there is no doubt Ms Clinton is an exceptional communicator, there was something incredibly guarded about the former secretary of state, Gower said. 

"You don't actually see anything real, there is nothing real about Hillary Clinton." 

But Gower felt Kiwis had a very different perspective of her to a majority of Americans.

"We see her as this great stateswoman."

"But in the United States, I know from being there for eight weeks in 2016, there is a great deal of hatred not just for her but for Bill Clinton as well."

"She is respected here, there's no question about that."