North Island primary school pulls 'racist' play from production

Part of the script for 'The Toy Solider'
Part of the script for 'The Toy Solider' Photo credit: Reddit

Tongariro School has decided to cancel their school production of The Toy Solider after it was deemed racist online.

The criticism referred to one character in particular, Ting Ling, who is portrayed as a stereotyped Asian with deliberate mispronunciation.

Ting Ling had lines such as "Hokay Ping, anything chew say", which translates to "Okay King, anything you say".

One user called the lines in the script for the character "egregiously racist".

Reddit user Mitch_NZ pointed out the fact that no one had caught onto how bad the play was.

"Imagine being the staff member/parent who read this and was like 'Yep, the Year 3 play is a goer'."

Tongariro School Board of Trustees chairman Kiley Millar told Stuff there was no racist intent whatsoever and that the play had been performed in several other schools before.

Some commenters were disappointed that the play was completely cancelled instead of being changed, due to the impact it would have on the students who had been rehearsing it.

"Likely the kids have no concept that it may offensive to anyone until they are told," one user said.

Mr Millar said it was a real shame for the kids who won't get to perform anymore.