North Shore walking track closed and under investigation for traces of Kauri Dieback Disease

  • 04/05/2018
Kauri die back
Photo credit: Supplied / file

The Auckland Council has closed down a north shore track while investigations are underway on a Kauri tree that may be affected by Kauri dieback disease.

The track and Chelsea Estate Heritage Park can be accessed from Blundell Place in Birkenhead.

Biosecurity Manager for the Auckland Council, Phil Brown said the track was closed as a precautionary measure.

He said the track is closed, "while we await confirmation from the lab and develop a plan for managing this response."

As of this week parts of the Waitakere Ranges have also been closed to prevent the spread of the kauri dieback disease.

This takes the total count of closed tracks to ninety-two. 

The tracks are being upgraded to meet required standards; some are in need of hygiene stations.

The disease has more than doubled in the past five years with 20 percent of Kauri trees now infected. 

 Kauri dieback disease eats into the roots of the tee, strips the canopy and causes bark to waste away.

The main cause of the spread of disease is human movement through the ranges which tracks contaminated soil.