NZ craft brewery attacked by Trump supporters

A Kiwi brewery has come under fire for its 'Dump the Trump' IPA.
A Kiwi brewery has come under fire for its 'Dump the Trump' IPA. Photo credit: Reuters/Behemoth Brewing Company

A New Zealand craft brewery has angered Donald Trump supporters after they promoted a beer mocking the US President.

Behemoth Brewing Company is an Auckland-based company known for zany labels and creative names.

One of their most popular beers is an IPA called 'Dump the Trump', the packaging for which features a monstrous-looking caricature of the 45th President.

After Behemoth posted an ad for the beer on their Facebook page, they were inundated with hundreds of angry comments from Trump supporters attacking the company for mocking the former reality TV host.

Fuming Republicans have also flooded the page with one-star reviews, bringing Behemoth's average down from five stars to three in less than a day.

"The whole thing is just surreal," owner Andrew Childs told Newshub.

"We couldn't have orchestrated it if we tried."

The brewery originally brought out 'Dump the Trump' before the US election in 2016 - partly as a joke, partly as a warning.

"Obviously it didn't work," says Mr Childs.

Realising the joke wasn't terribly funny after President Trump became a reality, Behemoth shelved the beer until earlier this year.

With the wave of scandals rocking the White House and the Robert Mueller investigation heating up, Mr Childs thought now would be the perfect time to bring it back.

"We thought he'd be impeached by now," he admits.

He's none the wiser as to how so many people found out about 'Dump the Trump', but assumes someone with a large online following must have shared their post.

"It just takes one person for something to spread."

He initially thought the reviews and comments might have been "Russian hackers" due to their sheer volume, but most of the profiles seem to be legitimate.

NZ craft brewery attacked by Trump supporters
NZ craft brewery attacked by Trump supporters
NZ craft brewery attacked by Trump supporters

The trolls may have done the company a favour - Behemoth's Facebook page has gone from 15 reviews to more than 700 in 24 hours.

In response to the online attack, hundreds of Kiwis have left glowing five-star reviews on Behemoth's Facebook page in an attempt to balance out the negative ones.

NZ craft brewery attacked by Trump supporters

"It's been awesome to see our fans go to bat for us," says Mr Childs.

He says he's not upset by the negative attention, he just doesn't know why so many Americans care about a craft brewery in New Zealand.

"They wouldn't be able to find us on a map if they tried."

Mr Childs, whose wife is American, has just returned from Tennessee and says he encountered none of the political nastiness in real life that seems to be endemic on the internet.

"It's just what they do, all the comments are the same. Just ridiculous ignorance from keyboard warriors."

It's not the brewery's only product that references the real estate tycoon: Behemoth also sells the 'Im-PEACH-ment Sour Ale' which bears the President's likeness.

"The whole brand is tongue-in-cheek," he says of the company's quirky marketing.

"Beer's meant to be fun."