NZ mothers react to call for parents to ask for baby's consent to change nappies

An Australian sexuality expert has kicked up a stink after suggesting parent should ask for their baby's consent to change their nappies. 

Deanne Carson told ABC News parents should tell babies, "I'm going to change your nappy now - is that okay?" and then wait for a response.

Her comments have been met with mixed views from some Canterbury mothers.

Pamela Hsiung told Newshub she could not see how a baby could give consent.

"I mean they can't talk, how can you get their consent?"

"Well when it gets wet and not comfortable, I would want my nappy changed if I were a baby.

"And also you tell them it's nappy time so they do know as well, so you're not just changing their nappy."

Lisa Sumner, whose son Dane is 11-month-old, said she did not agree with Ms Carson's comments.

"Normally you can gauge when they need to be changed, well he's 11 months so he can't tell me when he needs to be changed," she said.

"It's a bit bizarre, normally you can tell when they need to be changed... Maybe when they are a bit older they can tell you but it is a bit strange, it needs to be done."

Another mother, Karen Ridout, said: "Yeah nah I'm torn, I think consent is important, I do, obviously they are too young to give you verbal consent.

"I think you need to define consent because obviously a child is young and can't talk but actually I kind of agree you need to get consent when you do anything with your children.

"I think you kind of do, she doesn't want her nappy changed she always runs away, that kind of tells me she doesn't [want it to be done]. She needs it to be done, it's a difficult area I think."