NZ Principals' Federation says teachers still need more money for pay rises following Budget

New Zealand teachers are still crying out for a pay rise after the Budget, despite receiving money for new teachers, new classrooms and a boost to learning support.

The New Zealand Principal's Federation president Whetu Cormick told The AM Show he thought the Budget would have had more for schools and principals.

"We've been asking for some time for a focus on how we better attract young people into the profession, we don't have enough teachers," he said.

"We're hearing every day that not enough teachers are applying or [there are no] suitable applicants for jobs and so I'm wondering if there's going to be a trade-off here around salaries next year?"

According to Mr Cormick the teachers' unions are already negotiating with the Ministry of Education around pay.

He says unless salaries are addressed, the teaching profession will be missing out on talent.

But he's pleased to see extra money being put in to manage behavioural problems.

"Can I just acknowledge Tracey Martin in this regard and Chris Hipkins who've put a lot more money into severe behaviour," he said.

He's hopeful there will be more in the future to pay teachers.

"Unless more money is put in we're just not going to have the teachers in front of our kids in 10 years' time," he said.