NZ the priciest country to buy cocaine, MDMA - survey

  • 09/05/2018
Cocaine powder in plastic bag with a packages
Photo credit: Getty

If you're a Kiwi and like to dabble with illegal substances, then you're probably living in the wrong country. 

The Global Drug Survey (GDS) 2018 - an annual survey which takes a look at international drug habits around the world - has found Kiwis had to pay more than $360 on average for a gram of cocaine.

To put that in perspective, that's four times the amount Americans said they had paid for the same drug. 

Looking at 20 countries, the survey also found New Zealanders paid the most for MDMA pills, and the fourth highest for LSD.

NZ Drug Foundation director Ross Bell has said New Zealand's small population and tight border control has for a long time made drug-taking an expensive habit.

"Because things like coke and MDMA are so expensive, Kiwis - 'cause we're cheap asses - we will buy the shittier but cheaper drugs," Mr Bell told Stuff.

"This is why meth became so big in New Zealand, because we couldn't get our hands on MDMA and coke and thought f**k it, we will just make our own drug, and make a potent thing out of cold and flu medicine and whatever."

While last year's GDS revealed Australia was the most expensive place to buy cocaine at $364.50 per gram, it has since dropped by about $30, giving New Zealand the top spot.

The report found MDMA pills were the most expensive in NZ at almost $35 per pill.