Orcas spotted in Auckland harbour

Beautiful weather wasn't the only thing that brought Auckland Harbour to life this morning. 

As the sun shone commuters and boaties were treated to three orcas having a nosy around the harbour. 

Martin Turberville Smith was on board a Seacleaners boat when he spotted three orcas near the Auckland CBD.

"We think there was a bull, a female and possibly a juvenile," Mr Turberville Smith said. 

"They didn't seem to be hunting, as they were moving quite slowly."

"I'm always awestruck by their grace and power - masters of their element."

Mr Turberville Smith said while he's seen orca by Rangitoto Island, it's rare for them to come into the harbour. 

The timing was particularly perfect for those on a city-bound Northcote Point ferry - one fortuitous commuter told the Herald the whales were spotted as soon as the boat left the terminal. 

It was the first time the man had seen an orca in the wild, calling the experience "surreal". 



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