'Rad Dads' building online community for Kiwi dads

Greg Buckley and Will Fleming are two Kiwi dads doing their best to support their families, while raising seven kids combined.

But being a parent can be tricky business - so the pair built an online community known as the 'Rad Dads'.

Mr Fleming and Mr Buckley started the podcast a few years ago as a way of documenting their parenting experience to show their children one day.

"All of a sudden when we began to talk to guys, it was like wow we've actually got a whole lot more in common than we think," says Mr Buckley.

The project took off, and now they've built a huge online community with almost 3000 Facebook followers. 

"We just found this incredible resonance, it didn't matter whether you're a CEO or a cleaner, this idea of fatherhood seemed to be the ultimate leveller," says Mr Buckley.

They've even interviewed former prime minister Bill English, and Newshub's very own Mike McRoberts. 

While they share a lot of funny stories about fatherhood, the Rad Dads discuss more serious topics as well. One that drew a lot of attention was the debate over whether parents should post photos of their kids on social media. 

Mr Buckley and Mr Fleming both do, but believe it's something mums and dads should think carefully about. 

"If you're not prepared to go into a mall and show strangers pictures of your kids in a photo album, then that's how you should think about the internet. Everyone can see everything," says Mr Fleming. 

But in a time where smart phones and social media are the new normal, he says parents shouldn't be afraid of their children using technology. 

"Monitor, have conversations with your kids and just navigate in real time."

While Mr Fleming and Mr Buckley have figured out that part of parenting, fatherhood can't always be easy. So what does it take to be a 'Rad Dad'?

"If you're putting two feet on the ground in the morning... trying to be that superhero for your kids, you're a rad dad by our books," says Mr Buckley. 

It's a simple formula, but made a lot easier with help from the Rad Dad community.