Remuera woman outraged at 'anti-Semitic' and 'fanatical' letterbox spam

The booklet claims anti-Semitism is a "propaganda smear used to intimidate".
The booklet claims anti-Semitism is a "propaganda smear used to intimidate". Photo credit: Supplied

A Remuera woman says she was outraged to receive a booklet in her letterbox that entails the coming apocalypse of the USA and stokes anti-Semitism. 

The woman, who chose to remain anonymous, said she plans to report the booklet to the Human Rights Commission and the police. 

"I'm not sure if they would be able to track who sent it, I have no clue myself," she told Newshub. 

The booklet claims anti-Semitism "is a propaganda smear term used to intimidate anyone trying to tell the truth about the Jews."

"The Jews are not God's Chosen People," it says. "The Jews first invited to the kingdom of God rejected it." 

The woman posted images of the booklet to a community website to warn her community. She said the document "goes into great detail about why the Jewish people are to blame." 

"More annoying," she said, "is that there is no identifying feature of an organisation and readers are encouraged to copy and distribute 'in any manner they choose'."

Another local resident who received the booklet said she hadn't originally thought of it as hate speech but changed her mind. She said she wanted to know what organisation had sent the material and thought it was "cowardly to deliver something without any contact details."

The booklet has no details on who published it. 

The booklet has no details on who published it.
The booklet has no details on who published it. Photo credit: Supplied

Newshub obtained a copy of the booklet, which alleges to be a shortened version of the booklet "USA DOOMED" written in 1996. 

The booklet refers to the United States as "Great Babylon". It goes into detail about the US being destined for punishment after causing great "suffering". It lists some of the wars and international controversies the US has been involved in, and suggests the country will get its comeuppance. 

The United States is considered Israel's most powerful ally. 

"To see the power of Judaism, pick up a newspaper," the booklet says. 

"The Entertainment Section is advertising the Jewish owned entertainment industry which is there to manipulate Gentile morality downward," it claims. 

"The Racing and Sports Sections are there to keep Gentile minds on frivolity so they don't mind think about important things."

"The Financial Section is there to confuse people so they don't understand our currency and financial systems are rackets."

"Much of the rest is about Jewish politicians and crooked politicians."

The booklet says if you don't believe this, you are "a victim of a life time of being brain washed". 

Another person who received the document said, "We don't need this in our community or any community where I thought and hoped we celebrated our cultural differences."

"After all the world would be an incredibly boring place if we were all exactly the same."