Riverhead quarry: Attacker sentenced to preventive detention

A 60-year-old man has been sentenced to preventive detention for abducting and attempting to sexually violate a young woman at an Auckland quarry after a night out in town last year.

Colin Mitchell was found guilty of abduction, wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm and assault with intent to commit sexual violation in March.

DNA evidence was presented at his trial showing he was the attacker.

Preventive detention is an indeterminate prison sentence, meaning there is no end date.

Prisoners may be released on parole but remain managed by Corrections for the rest of their life and can be recalled to prison at any time.

Days after her attack in February 2017, in an interview with police played to the court, the woman sobbed and told of her fear and shock.

Having earlier been drinking with friends on Karangahape Rd, she had no memory of how she had gotten to the quarry and was only jolted awake by a sudden hit to her head, she said.

Her dress already removed and feeling blood on her temple, she saw a man standing over her holding what looked like a baseball bat.

He demanded she turn around, but she refused and tried to talk him down, saying, "You don't have to be this person."

Instead, he kept hitting her and her next memory was scrambling away calling 111 with her phone, she said.

In March it was revealed Mitchell was convicted on another three charges relating to the 1992 rape of another woman, including abduction.

The 1992 victim told the court Mitchell beat her before assaulting her. Mitchell denied the charges, saying they had had consensual sex.

It can also be revealed Mitchell had previously been jailed for five years for the 1985 rape of a 26-year-old prostitute.