'Rough or unsettled' weather ahead for Queen's Birthday weekend

  • 31/05/2018

The calm weather is set to change as New Zealand heads into Queen's Birthday weekend, with WeatherWatch warning a "rough or unsettled" weekend is ahead.

"As we head into late Friday as a nor'easter develops ahead of a large low pressure system," the forecaster says.

"This large low will be parked in the Tasman Sea for all three days, and while it may slowly deepen it also has to contend with high pressure all around it."

The weather is expected to turn on Friday evening and get worse over the weekend. The low will spread rain and wind down over the North Island and into the upper and eastern South Island.

"Conditions do go downhill at night with a rough or unsettled weekend for many northerners - and at one point, perhaps Sunday, may impact both islands," WeatherWatch says.

And the weather could be "severe" on Sunday, especially in the upper North Island.

"Rain and wind (or showers and windy nor'easters) are likely to develop around northern New Zealand and may spread south for a time," WeatherWatch warns.

"Localised heavy rain, lightning, strong winds, high waves and storm surge might all be possible."