'Serial killer' Hayden Poulter granted parole

A man labelled New Zealand's first serial killer, who killed two sex workers and a massage parlour boss, has been granted parole and will be released from prison.

Hayden Poulter was given a life sentence in 1997 for raping and killing sex worker Natacha Hogan, and stabbing to death sex worker Ladda Nimphet and her boss Herbert Richard Norris. He also attempted to murder a fourth person.

The Parole Board confirmed on Tuesday that Poulter will be released in June. He became eligible for parole in 2011, but until now has been denied an early release.

He told the Parole Board he had let go his second personality, which he called "hell". He said "hell" drove him to commit the murders, and it would not return.

He said he used the persona to avoid dealing with a variety of emotions, included those resulting from his wife and child leaving him.

The Parole Board says he will be released under a number of special conditions including a ban on going to the Auckland region, Stuff reports.

"After consideration of all the material presented we are satisfied that Mr Poulter has sufficiently reduced his risk, that he can be released on parole subject to conditions which are extensive and will support his release into the community," the decision read.