Student magazine Critic hits back at Otago University with its own cheeky censorship

  • 28/05/2018

A student magazine censored and removed from magazine stands by the University of Otago because of its controversial cover has hit back by censoring the university's apology letter. 

Hundreds of copies of Critic were removed en masse from stands at the university because of its cover which depicted a cartoon of a woman menstruating. 

Now the magazine has hit back by censoring the university's official press statement with what it thinks the apology letter should have said.

The censored version of the statement now reads "After copies of Critic magazine were removed from Campus rightly or wrongly, the University is a place where many people might be exposed to issues they were initially unaware of.

"No opinion should be removed from campus. This was a mistake."

The magazine originally thought the copies were stolen but Proctor Dave Scott later said his office removed around 500 issues from stands, which it said was a mistake. Critic said around 1500 to 2000 copies had disappeared.

Mr Scott has since apologised. Critic accepted the apology, and suggested to the university that a donation of free sanitary products for students would be a positive outcome for moving forward.

The issue is still available online, where it has seen a surge in readership and since appeared on TradeMe.

The release of the issue coincided with the Women's+ Club's 'Period Week'.