The Project reveals Kiwi couple who will marry on live TV

Meet Toby and Fran, the Christchurch couple who will finally board the marriage carriage live on Friday's episode of The Project. 

The couple met 10 years ago, and while their wedding might be running late, they don't think their romance is running out of steam. 

In 2008, after Toby was handed down his Mum's engagement ring, he planted daffodils and tulips to spell out the words "Fran, will you marry Toby?" 

And their song 'Steady As She Goes' by The Raconteurs accompanied Toby's floral proposal.

But what started as a 'Marriage on the Otago Express', was soon derailed.

"We had an amazing proposal, but the earthquake took it down," Fran told The Project. 

The couple had booked the Rose Historic Chapel, formerly known as the St Mary's Convent Chapel built in 1910, but it was destroyed during the February 2011 earthquake.  

With their dream wedding venue in ruins, the couple then faced another delay. But this time, it was a welcome one.

"We decided to get away; stayed in a place with no TV, and then we had a baby," said Fran. 

Fran said she and Toby bought a house, and then before they knew it, 10 years had gone by. But the prospect of marriage was often brought up. 

"We get reminded all the time!" said Toby. "Being on The Project later this week is fast-forwarding it all."

So, would this have happened without The Project? 

"No, I don't think so," said Fran. 

Toby and Fran's wedding will air at 7pm on Friday.