Thunderous fireworks display bewilders Aucklanders

  • 03/05/2018
Thunderous fireworks display bewilders Aucklanders
Photo credit: Getty

A fireworks display at the Viaduct caught Aucklanders by surprise on Wednesday night - even those great distances away.

The thunderous exhibition could be heard far across the North Shore, despite the suburbs being at least several kilometres from where the fireworks were launched from.

The fireworks display was set off at 9:30pm, at a private event hosted at Seafarers Club Eatery in downtown Auckland.

Nearby restaurants Ebisu and Ostro had prime viewing spots of the display - but the fireworks, unfortunately for parents of young children, coincided with a weather phenomenon called 'temperature inversion'.

Warm air trapped the sounds of the display and spread them wide, with fireworks being heard as far as 20km from the Viaduct.

The Seafarer Club Instagram page gave the heads up: "We are holding a private event on level 6 Members Club and Seven this Wednesday.

However you can enjoy the fireworks display courtesy of @seafarersseven and us at 9:30pm from @ostroakl.

Many commenters say more warning was needed ahead of the display.