Timaru man arrested for importing child sex doll

Judge holding gavel in courtroom
Photo credit: Getty

A Timaru man has been arrested for importing a child sex doll.

The 57-year old appeared in court on Thursday afternoon for importing the prohibited item, as well as material showing children being sexually exploited.

The life-like doll was discovered by Customs officers at the Air Cargo Inspection facility.

Dolls resembling young children are classed as obscene or indecent articles under the Customs and Excise Act of 1996.

Customs investigators along with Timaru Police arrested the man this morning. 

"A handful of seizures have been made previously and while each one was followed up, this arrest marks our first ever prosecution for this type of prohibited import," said Bruce Berry, Customs' manager of investigations.

He said the arrest should serve as a warning for other potential importers.