Victoria University might change name to the University of Wellington

Victoria University is looking at changing its name to the University of Wellington.

Vice-Chancellor Professor Grant Guilford says a name change would provide clarity as to where students and staff come from when they travel overseas.

"The other thing that we're keen to do is to align the University's name with the city's name so that our reputation helps build the city's reputation and vice versa," he told Newshub.

When the University of New Zealand broke apart in the 1950s it had to compromise on a new joint name with Victoria College, settling for Victoria University of Wellington.

Prof Guilford says the name change has been on the cards for decades.

"In that time there have been another two attempts to change back to the University of Wellington, both of which have not been successful."

The name change could also include a Te Reo Māori component. Te Herenga Waka - the hitching post for your canoe - is one of the suggestions.