'What the hell is the problem with being privileged?' - Mark Richardson

Starbucks in the US will close thousands of stores across the US and get staff to take a privilege test, but one AM Show host says privilege isn't anything to be ashamed of.

After several incidents of racism on its premises, the coffee chain will close 8000 of its stores for an 'anti-bias day'.

Newshub US correspondent Sandy Hughes says this will include four hours of unconscious bias training, which will help employees learn about prejudices they may not have known they secretly harboured.

She told The AM Show that staff members will also be taking what's known as an 'are you privileged?' test.

"It's a really interesting test to take because they ask you all these questions and you answer 'yes' or 'no', and at the end it evaluates if you're a privileged person or not. It really opens your eyes to things you might not normally think about."

She herself has taken the test, which confirmed that she "isn't privileged".

Mark Richardson disputed the need for such a test, saying that privilege isn't the issue - entitlement is.

"I'm sorry, where the hell is the problem with being privileged?" he said.

"Some of us might be privileged; I'm not saying I am. I work bloody hard so my kids are privileged, but not entitled. There's a big bloody difference."

Duncan Garner reassured his co-host that he doesn't think Richardson seems entitled, but he was in no mood to be cheered up.

"I'm sick of this crap, I really am sick of it."

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