Z Energy to stop providing plastic bags

  • 31/05/2018
Z Energy to stop providing plastic bags
Photo credit: Getty

Z Energy will no longer be providing plastic bags from Friday, June 1 - taking the final step in a six-month plan to phase out plastic bags.

No alternative will be given to the bags, as the company believes common replacements would be just as bad for the environment.

Instead they're inviting customers to bring their own reusable bags.

"Plastic bags are a major source of ocean and river pollution. They can take up to 1000 years to degrade and even then, they never disappear completely," said Z Energy sustainability manager Gerri Ward

"Even worse, 10 percent of all dead animals found in beach clean-ups are entangled in plastic bags, so knowing Z's given out its last ever bag is a good feeling."

The petrol company is one of many retailers ditching the bags in an attempt to be more environmentally friendly.

Supermarket giants Progressive Enterprises and Foodstuffs are both planning to phase out single-use bags in 2018 and The Warehouse is switching to a compostable version.