Auckland Council admits southern suburbs underfunded for playgrounds

Figures released to Newshub show the best and worst areas in Auckland for playgrounds.

With huge disparities in the state of our playgrounds across the city, the south has proven to be underfunded - despite having the largest amount of children.

Parks like Wilson Place Park in Papakura have hazards aplenty, and children are made to play with low-quality equipment.

But 45 minutes down the road in central Auckland, it's a whole different story.

Council figures have revealed that playgrounds in Mt Albert and Mt Eden have more than five pieces of equipment - but in suburbs like Ōtara, Manurewa and Papakaura, the average is three.

In just one afternoon of searching the playgrounds in south Auckland, Newshub found four parks with broken swings, slides and ropes.

The council now admits the unfairness has become worse, and there's no big-picture plan to fix it - and even worse, more spending is earmarked for wealthier northern suburbs. 

North Auckland only has one-fifth of Auckland's under-25-year-olds, but council plans to give that area one-third of its playground funding.

The council says it will look at how to change spending in the South to make it more equal, and will talk to local boards over the next few months.