Auckland Mayor Phil Goff faced with letter of no confidence

  • 13/06/2018
Phil Goff.
Phil Goff. Photo credit: Getty

Almost half of Auckland councillors have signed a letter of no confidence in Auckland Mayor Phil Goff.

Mr Goff has been accused of not giving councillors full access to a $923,000 PwC report on a proposed downtown stadium for Auckland, NZME reports.

It was reported in May that a new billion-dollar stadium, complete with retractable roof and room for up to 65,000 spectators, had been proposed for downtown Auckland.

Councillors Cathy Casey, John Watson and Efeso Collins have signed the letter of no confidence in Mr Goff, a source told NZME, alongside Wayne Walker, Chris Fletcher, Mike Lee, Greg Sayers, Sharon Stewart, and Daniel Newman.

It's said the councillors have approached the Ombudsman to review the case.

Mr Goff claims he has not received any letter and said he couldn't comment on something that he hasn't been briefed on.

He told NZME access to the PwC report had been shared with councillors but he was concerned about the confidential material being leaked.

The letter will be released publically at midday on Wednesday, NZME reports.