'Awesome' moment between kiwi and tuatara caught on camera

  • 20/06/2018

A male little spotted kiwi has been filmed during a rare encounter with a tuatara on Motuihe Island, a recreation reserve just off the coast of Auckland.

The Motuihe Island conservation team shared night vision footage of the curious kiwi tapping the tuatara with its beak.

The video shows the tuatara remaining still while the little spotted kiwi forages around.

The rare encounter between the two native animals was filmed on April 22 just before 11pm, and has since been shared on Facebook more than 500 times.

"Looks like they are having a great yarn. This is awesome," one viewer commented.

"You don't get much more Kiwi than that - great vid!" wrote another.

Motuihe Island, in Auckland's Hauraki Gulf, is home to a number of native animals.

Both the tuatara and the little spotted kiwi once roamed the mainland, but now only survive in the wild on offshore islands.