Clarke Gayford's risqué joke about his baby's paternity

  • 08/06/2018
"You may want to get a DNA test," one person responded.
"You may want to get a DNA test," one person responded. Photo credit: Lyndon Hood / Twitter

Only days before Jacinda Ardern is due to give birth, her partner Clarke Gayford has questioned the possible paternity of his child.

The Prime Minister's due date is June 17, but she could go into labour any moment now. And the question we all want to know is who the baby will look like.

By using advanced 'baby-predicting' software, Newshub was able to take the couple's photos and mash their features together into an approximation of what their offspring could look like.

The idea has been picked up on Twitter - with humorous results. One image shows a beaming Ms Ardern next to a content-looking panda - with the implication they had engaged in some hot panda love.

It was quickly spotted by Mr Gayford, who commented: "This would be an awkward drive home".

He followed it up with: "Our new property also has bamboo growing everywhere" - along with a thinking face emoji.

His response drew swift reaction from online readers.

"For my international readers: the first man is joking about the Prime Minister, mother of his child, f**king a panda," Stephen Davis wrote.

"You may want to get a DNA test.......just saying," another said.

But the possibility of an interspecies baby had its supporters.

"The only thing that matters is that the baby is healthy and the parents are the very best parents they can be," one person replied.