Could this be Christchurch's dumbest criminal?

A would-be bottle store robber may well have earnt himself the title of Christchurch's dumbest criminal.

CCTV vision caught the man in plain sight as he appeared to unsuccessfully break into the Shirley Bottle-O liquor store, last Friday night.

Bottle-O co-owner Lyndon Bendall put the video on Facebook, saying the man must be one of Christchurch's dumbest alleged criminals. 

"Basically my wife came into work on Saturday morning and saw the mud on the window and thought 'Who the hell throws mud on a liquor store window?'

"So she checked the camera and to her disbelief there was some punk I guess you could say, tried to smash the window."

The video shows the man poorly adjusting his face mask before disappearing for a brief period.

He returns running at the door with a wooden post, that bounces back from the door smacking him in the shin.

"It's a shame it didn't hit him in the face when it bounced back off the window, but what do you do," Mr Bendall says. 

The couple contacted police but hope that through the power of social media, people might be able to identify the man.

"At least his friends and hopefully his family find out about it and at least it will be a deterrent, that it's a bloody stupid idea."

Mr Bendall thought the man could be new to the "crime game" given his lack of sneakiness to cover up his alleged crime. 

Even if the man had of got into the store, alarms and lights would have been set off so he wouldn't have got away with much, Mr Bendall says. 

There has been a spike in aggravated robberies in Christchurch in the last month, police say.

Thirteen aggravated robberies have been reported to police, 10 of which have been solved, Acting Inspector Paul Reeves says.