Drunk driver ticketed outside Auckland school in police sting

  • 29/06/2018

An Auckland principal is unhappy over the number of drivers caught breaking road rules outside his school - and warns it's only a matter of time before a student is run over.

Police and Auckland Transport ran a traffic operation this week at the Gilfillan St and Blockhouse Bay Rd intersection. Just around the corner is a pedestrian crossing notorious for several near-misses between cars and students.

During the sting they caught numerous drivers ignoring the stop sign - including two teachers from a different school - as well as a drunk driver.

"While Police were conducting the road safety operation, we were extremely disappointed to pull over a driver who allegedly had a breath alcohol reading of more than three times the legal limit," a police spokesperson told Newshub.

"Police were disappointed with the driving behaviour of a number of motorists and several infringements were issued over each of the three days. We do not have the total figures at this time."

Blockhouse Bay Primary principal Neil Robinson says if nothing is done there will be a tragic accident.

"We've had a couple of cars… bang into the stop sign the kids put out with their cars which has stopped them," he told Newshub.

"Ultimately a child is going to get hit for sure."

Mr Robinson wants drivers to take responsibility for their actions to make the area safer.

"We've talked the Council about the possibility of moving the crossing," he says.

"The only thing that will solve it is better driver behaviour."