Dunedin teen, 14, books Airbnb and throws boozy party

  • 18/06/2018
Police reportedly told the teen he should go into event management.
Police reportedly told the teen he should go into event management. Photo credit: Getty

A teenager has been banned from Airbnb after he hosted a boozy party at a residence he booked in Dunedin. 

Home-sharing platform Airbnb requires people to be 18 years old to book a residence. But an unamed 14-year-old boy was able to book a person's house and host a party on Saturday. 

The owner of the home, Jeremy Craw, wants answers. 

"My big question is how does a 14-year-old book an Airbnb property?" he told the Otago Daily Times

Police were alerted to the party in Kaikorai on Saturday night after a neighbour called Mr Craw to inform him about what was happening at his house. 

The police reportedly arrived to an "out-of-control, underage party" where about 100 youths -believed to be 14-15 - had gathered to drink. By 8:30pm the party had been shut down by police. 

Mr Craw said his property wasn't damaged, but there was broken glass, vomit and "booze splashed up on the walls". 

He said three teenage boys arrived the following day to help clean up, and the parents of the boy who booked the property are said to have offered funds to help with cleaning. 

No charges have been laid against the boy, a police spokeswoman told the Otago Daily Times, and it's unknown how he was able to book the property being underage. 

An Airbnb spokesperson told the Otago Daily Times these negative incidents are "extremely rare" and have decided to ban the boy from the platform. 

"We have permanently banned this guest from our platform, are fully supporting our host while we investigate, and will provide law enforcement our full support," the spokesperson said. 

Despite the shock of finding his property trashed by partygoers, Mr Craw said the method of organising the party was "ingenious". 

He said police told the boy he should go into events management. 


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