Former Zed frontman Nathan King shares secret to getting rich

Legendary Kiwi songwriter Nathan King joined the AM Show this morning to share some wisdom on how to write a hit tune and get rich off the proceeds.

And apparently it's much simpler than you think. 

Mr King is the former frontman and songwriter of chart topping New Zealand band Zed. 

"You've just got to write a hit song," he told the AM Show when asked about how to be successful with your finances. 

"Pretty much every hit song that you've ever heard has been written with four very simple chords," Mr King said while strumming a ukulele.

The Christchurch born 39-year-old then proceeded to play about half a dozen songs using the same chords.

"It is actually insane, so that's the secret." 

Mr King released two multi-platinum albums with Zed and has toured across the world supporting the likes of Coldplay and Robbie Williams. 

His 2000 song 'Renegade Fighter' was used in a long-running Rebel Sport commercial and peaked at number 4 on the New Zealand singles charts.

It also appeared in American Pie 2 and an episode of TV Show Smallville.